The Crater Project: Part I

The Crater Project – a series of monoprints, paintings, sculptures and multi-media works – examines this life-changing dream and my journey to its actual counterpart in a real-life impact crater. Within The Crater Project, I explore the nexus of art and science and, specifically, how my creative process illuminates science and vice versa. This germinal artistic investigation includes extensive research about terrestrial impact craters as a correlate to my fascination with evidence of the unseen.

My printing process employs multiple layers or passes — five to fifteen per print — burying and revealing details with each. My approach is flowing and experimental, utilizing multiple techniques; from the traditional painterly hand and photocopy transfer to stencils, embossment and markmaking. The transfer technique, loosely resembling lithography, incorporates images and text.
I personally adapted this into a unique and non-toxic process. Its imperfect nature gives each print a character of its own.